Amechi Anumonye Drug Abuse Treatment, Education and Research (DATER) Unit, Nigeria.

Governmental organization providing drug treatment and rehabilitation services using a treatment model based on ' Complete Abstinence' from all mood altering drugs.

The main objectives of the organization are:

  • To provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependent persons.
  • To provide training opportunities for all cadres of professionals involved in drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation.
  • To conduct research especially aimed at improving service delivery

For services provision the Centre uses an eclectic approach incorporating inputs from the: a) therapeutic community model, b) Minnesota Model of Drug treatment, c) twelve steps approach of AA and d) Anti craving pharmacotherapy, specifically Fluanxol decanoate.

It is at least a 90 days treatment programme. Thereafter, length of stay is determined by how quickly the rehabilitation measures are put in place for the client.

Clients are only taken into the centre after the initial assessment by the therapeutic team. A contract form is signed by the client and a relative is provided to work with the team in the client's treatment and rehabilitation. Thereafter, treatment is in 4 phases:

Detoxification lasting from 2 - 7 days. A withdrawal chart is opened for the client and any withdrawal symptoms are recorded by the nurses. Withdrawal is graded on a scale of mild, moderate, severe. Moderate/severe symptoms receive pharmacotherapy.

Main Treatment lasts 8 to 16 weeks and consists of a combination of:

  • Drug education sessions (protocol attached) including videos
  • Group psychotherapy and other psychotherapies (family, marital, individual)
  • Relaxation sessions, Twelve steps
  • Sensitivity sessions
  • Spiritual therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation aims to ensure that the client is not disadvantaged in terms of living accommodation, employment, vocation, and social network on living the treatment centre.
  • Relapse Prevention  consist on a 2-year follow up of clients at a Drug Clinic.

Participation on the network will provide the opportunity to:

  • Enhance drug abuse treatment in Nigeria
  • Share experiences with other centres both nationally and internationally
  • Improve service delivery at our centre
  • Exchange resources with other centres in the network.

Working Group

Sustainable livelihoods for reintegration and rehabilitation

Contact details

Director: Dr. (Mrs.) T. A. Adamson
Focal Point: Dr. Mr. Okiwande Owuladewa Akinhanmi
Address: Neuropsychiatric Hospital, P. M. B. 2002, Aro, Abeokuta. Ogun State, Nigeria.
Phone: +234-803-3081461

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