Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section, UNODC

The Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section is part of the Global Challenges Section, Human Security Branch, Division of Operations at UNODC Headquarters in Vienna. The Unit is responsible for identifying, developing and disseminating " good practice" in drug abuse epidemiology, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and assisting the Partnership in Development Branch of UNODC in strengthening national capacities to develop and implement demand reduction strategies and programmes.

UNODC has been mandated by the Demand Reduction Declaration and the Action Plan for its implementation, to develop, disseminate good practice in the field of drug abuse treatment. In 2003, the 46th CND ( Commission on Narcotics and Drugs) adopted the UNODC proposed programme of work on demand reduction for the period 2003-2008, submitted in response to Resolution 46/1. This resolution stresses the importance of evidence based treatment and rehabilitation programmes for drug dependent users, which have demonstrated their effectiveness. It has also referred to scaling up quality services for drug users so as to reduce the negative health and social consequences related to illicit drugs, for both the individual and the community.

In response to the above The Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section believes that it is necessary to take action on the following areas:

Raise the awareness of policy makers with respect to the need and advantages of investing in drug abuse treatment,
Support national authorities in developing legislation, policies, and standards of care which enable the implementation of contemporary treatment approaches,
Channel knowledge from research into practice,
Strengthen the capacity of staff and care providers of treatment and rehabilitation centres,
Assess the applicability of successfull approaches to circumstances in other countries/regions,
Use treatment services to their full potential for the prevention and care of HIV/AIDS,
Diversify and expand services for drug abusers and make them more attractive and accesible to different population groups, taking into account different gender needs,
Promote treatment in addition/as alternative to punishment for drug abusing offenders,
Facilitate sharing and dissemination of knowledge and capacity building among treament professionals in different regions,
Upscale drug treatment and rehabilitation services available in differente regions

The UNODC Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Section aims to facilitate access to the latest information on treatment of specific population groups (women, youth, criminal justice offenders). It provides direct support to governments in planning treatment systems and in developing training, community-based services and programmes for drug abusers within the criminal justice system.

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