Regional Research Centre of Narcology and Psychopharmacology affiliated to St. Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University, Russia

The Regional Research Centre of Narcology and Psychopharnacology is a governmental institution dedicated to the research and development of updated preclinical and clinical technologies of drug addiction.

Services provided include:

  • At the preclinical level the centre developed a protocol of preclinical testing of drug abuse potential approved by Pharmacological Committee, Ministry of Health of Russia. The centre is running preclinical studies in laboratory animals aimed to development of new medications for drug addiction treatment.
  • At the clinical level the centre possesses the Leningrad Oblast narcological dispensary affiliated to the centre (300 beds). On the base of international cooperation (US NIH supported projects) the centre is conducting clinical trials of medications for preventions of relapses in heroin addicts, treatment of alcohol withdrawal, control of alcohol craving (memantine, naltrexone + fluoxetine, nalrexone tablets vs naltrexone implant, naltrexone + lofexidine, etc). Currently we are doing several collaborative projects with UPenn, Boston University Medical Center, Research Triangle Institute, Yale University School of Medicine.

Important part of the research focuses on infection diseases associated with IDU (HIV/AIDS, HCV, TB, STD). Pavlov University organized the Medical Prevention Center and Laboratory of Chronic Viral Infections to support this part of the research activities. The development of treatment models focuses on non-narcotic drug treatment and prevention opportunities since the agonist therapy is not allowed in Russia. We showed that well-controlled opiate antagonists therapy may be sufficiently effective in Russian drug scene setting.

Participation in well-developed international networking program is one of the priorities of the centre as it allows to be involved into the international level research and other activities. It is important both for the staff (good stimulus to increase qualification) and the University (higher reputation among internationally recognised institutions).

Working Group

Role of Drug treatment in HIV/AIDS prevention and care

Contact details

Director:           Edwin Eduardovich Zvartau
Focal Point:       Dr. Marina Vladimirova Tsoy
Address:           Pavlov Medical University.
                      6/8 Lev Tolstoy street, St. Petersburg  197022,
Phone:             +7-812-499 7023
Fax:                +7-812-346 3414

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