Maria Ungdom, Sweden

Governmental organization providing drug treatment and rehabilitation services through the implementation of different treatment programme adapted to different problems and working towards an evidenced base practice. The centre is keen on incorporating new practices and working with other agencies to maximize treatment efficiency. Maria Ungdom is profiled as the first choice place for treatment and detoxification for adolescents in its influence area, it stands as an national model on how treatment should be provided to adolescents with substance abuse problems.

The aim of the centre is to provide substance abuse treatment to all adolescents and their families  in Stockholm county - Sweden, a catchments area of approx. 1.8 million inhabitants.

The centre is part of the general health care system and works closely with the social services on a the local level. The centre has a pivotal function as a place for highly specialized treatment and treatment development in the area. The centre is also responsible for treating adolescents with dual-diagnoses and technically all sorts of dependence problems among adolescents.

The centre's model is a family based model, where almost all treatment is within this theoretical framework. The centre also has some specific programs for adolescents whose parents are substance abusers, and for adolescents who have been sexually abused. The centre can also offer Community Based Treatment to a limited extent, when indicated.

Participating in the network represents an advantage in terms of the opportunity to meet people that works in the field, making comments and giving us the opportunity to see that things can be done rather differently. We are always ready to share our experiences

Working Group

Community based treatment

Contact details
Director:           Ms. Paula Liljeberg
Focal Point:      Ms. Paula Liljeberg
Address:            Box 500, 112 81 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone:              +46 8 6724500

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