Fayette Companies, U.S.A.

Non governmental organization providing a comprehensive array of addiction and mental health services as well as an on-site primary care clinic.

The Mission of Fayette Companies is "To engage people in a life of recovery and assist them to live their lives well". Major current initiatives include learning and implementing evidence based practices, integrating addiction treatment, mental health treatment and primary physical care, and developing and implementing disease management approach termed Behavioral Health Recovery Management.

Services offered include outreach and engagement, inpatient and outpatient detoxification, gender specific residential treatment, gender specific day treatment programs and mixed intensive outpatients program, methadone, maintenance and buprenorphine detoxification, continuing care outpatient and recovery coaching. American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria are used to guide placement between levels of care. Treatment utilizes a variety of evidence based practices and emergency recovery management techniques including a strengths based philosophy and approach. Further, the orientation is towards global health including mental health, physical health, life skills and living environment.

While participating in NIATx (The Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment) has greatly benefited Fayette and allowed the organization to learn from other drug treatment providers in the United States, participating in this endeavour would expose us to an international community of outstanding learning and teaching organizations. There has been a tendency within the United States for drug treatment organizations to be quite static in their structures and approaches. For example, despite decades of published research on the effective treatment interventions, numerous other issues have shown these practices are rarely adopted by hospital or community based providers. Exposure to practices to improve the quality of services in other countries will provide lessons we can use in our organization and hopefully spread to others.

Working Group

Sustainable livelihoods for rehabilitation and reintegration

Contact details

Director:           Mr. Michael Boyle
Focal Point:       Mr. Michael Boyle, President/CEO Fayette Companies
Address:           600 Fayette Street Peoria, Illinois 61603
Phone:             +1- (309) 671 8005
Fax:                +1- (309) 671 8010
Website:          www.bhrm.org

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