Stanley St. Treatment & Resources, Inc., U.S.A.

SSTAR is a non-profit corporation formed in 1977 for the purpose of providing comprehensive community based services for the prevention, treatment of addiction.

Stanley Street Treatment & Resources Inc. (SSTAR) mission is to provide a quality continuum of care and support to all people, especially those affected by addiction, by responding to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. SSTAR is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1977 for the purpose of providing comprehensive community based services for the prevention, treatment of addiction. Basic to the agency's philosophy is the concept that addiction is a multifaceted illness and there is no single treatment modality that is capable of arresting the disease; thus an interdisciplinary approach involving medical, behavioral, and social service capability must be incorporated in the treatment of the disease. Treatment must be sensitive to the social, cultural, familial, physical, psychological and economic factors of the population to be served. The programs developed by the centre are based on the premise that addiction is also a community problem and a comprehensive addiction prevention and treatment network is a vital component in every community education, health, and social services.

Services provided are based on SSTAR believe that there is no one single modality that best meets the needs of all clients. In accordance with the center's philosophy of treating the totals individual, SSTAR employs a comprehensive approach, one that is sensitive to the social, cultural, familial, gender, physical, psychological and economic factors of the population served. SSTAR believes that having an integrated approach, utilizing evidence based treatments, offers the best chances for individuals to deal with their disease of addiction.

Being part of the network will provide the opportunity to serve as a resource to other providers of care around the globe is beneficial to our centre and staff. Our experience with the training of staff from Armenia, Georgia and Russia has been absolutely wonderful. It is wonderful to exchange new ideas and learn from our international colleagues. It has promoted growth of all organizations involved. We see this as a fringe benefit to our employees that they would be unlikely to receive at any other organization.

SSTAR brings many assets to the table. Our knowledge and expertise in providing state of the art treatment, of translating research into practice, is something SSTAR has been involved in for many years. The work with the clinical trial network and with federal demonstration projects has shown us the importance of new treatments and how they can dramatically improve the outcomes for the populations we are serving. Our experience working internationally has also matured us and made us aware that not one size fits all, that we must truly look at the culture and mores of the people we are working with and adapt best practices to meet the needs of our partners.

Our work with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in process improvement and rapid change cycles is particularly relevant to being a resource centre, as we will need to evaluate quickly what is working well, and what aspects could be improved in a short amount of time. We can teach our partners how to develop such system within their own framework.

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Role of drug treatment in HIV/AIDS prevention and care

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