Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre Inc., Australia.

Turning Point's mission is 'to promote and maximize the health and well-being of individuals and communities living with and affected by alcohol- and other drug-related harms'. Turning Point is affiliated with St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and the University of Melbourne and is also a member of the International Harm Reduction Association

The organizational goals are:

  • To create a thriving research and development culture, generating knowledge about alcohol and other drugs that promotes health and well being for individuals and communities.
  • To apply, use and translate R&D outcomes to promote change, build effective and rational policy, and demonstrate and contribute to world's best practice.
  • To build the organization's and surrounding communities' capacity through strategic relationships, partnerships and collaborations with individuals and communities.
  • To build organizational capacity that provides the best environment for quality staff to achieve their potential, and to achieve financial stability and long-term security allowing self-determination.
  • Turing Point is engaged in Research and Development of innovative alcohol and other drug treatment and prevention programs, combining multiple treatment approaches with multiple major research and educational programs.

In order to provide the flexibility required to best respond to emerging issues, the organization runs a number of programs that bridge activities in the areas of: Research, evaluation, education and training, advice and referral and treatment.

Turning Point works to develop integrated responses to alcohol and drug issues through the provision of services to:

  • People affected by drug use
  • Alcohol and drug professionals and related workforces
  • Government and funding bodies
  • The community

In the ten years since Turning Point was established as an independent entity, it has been charged with developing and modernising the alcohol and drug treatment system in the State of Victoria; this it has achieved to a point where this system is as good as or better than any other in the world.  It has increasingly been developing a national focus and leadership role, and has begun to participate in international projects. 

As an organisation, Turning Point's strength has been its constant focus on innovation and growth; it has reached the stage where it must look to international involvement to maintain this energy and freshness in innovation.  It has much to offer to the network as a Resource Centre, being replete with resources of all kinds, and much to learn, especially in relation to working with other cultures and socio-political systems; but it has a wealth of partners and collaborators to assist it in this. 

Working group

Drug treatment role in HIV/AIDS prevention and care

Contact Details
Director:          Professor Nick Crofts
Focal Point:      Mr. Trevor King, Associate Director of R&D Translation     
Address:          54-62 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065, Victoria, Australia.
Phone:            + 61 3 8413 8413
Fax:                 + 61 3 9416 3420
Website:          http://www.turningpoint.org.au/


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