Twenty Resource Centres from all regions are members of TREATNET . They have been identified through asystematic selection process aimed at assesing their potential to deliver and disseminate a variety of effective treatment and rehabilitation interventions and become leaders in treatment and rehabilitation in their respective regions.

Resource Centres are drug treatment and rehabilitation services providers, both Governmental and/or Non-Governmental that have manifested their willinghness to be part of the network and have a commitment to continuous improvement of quality of drug treatment services. Selected Resource Centres have either local, regional or international recognition as leaders in drug treatment and rehabilitation service provision and can act as regional leaders for the dissemination of best practices.Sustainability is also aconditioneither because they have developed a comprehensive financialsystem or they receive continuous support from goverment or private donors.

For a period of two years, the project will support resource centres in exchanging knowledge and experiencesin order to identify best practices and prepare four documents based on state of the artand fiel-based experience on drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation. Each document will focus on a priority topic selected for this purpose on the basis of current drug treatment challenges and global needs.

The four priority topics are:

Community based treatment
Drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation in prison settings
The role of drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation in HIV/AIDS prevention and care
Sustainable livelihoods for rehabilitation and reintegration.

Resource centres were chosen to participate in one of the working groupsbased on their experience on the topics or their wish to improve knowledge and experience on them.


Participating resource centres are:






Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre Inc.

General Secretariat of Mental Health

National Research and Clinical Centre on Medical and Social Problems of Drug Abuse

Proyecto Hombre





Psychosocial Attention Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs


Drug Rehabilitaion Unit, Mathari Hospital

Maria Ungdom




United Kingdom

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

TT Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation

Centros de Integración Juvenil A.C.

Cranstoun Drug Services





Shanghai Drug Abuse Treatment Centre

RS Ketergantungan Obat

Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro

Fayette Companies





CARISMA, Centre for Attention and Integral Rehabilitation of Mental Health

Iranian National Prison Organization

Regional Research Center of Narcology and Psychopharmacology affiliated to St. Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University

Stanley Street Treatment and Resources, Inc.

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Recource Centers Geographical Distribution

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