Commission on Narcotic Drugs, 58 th session

 First Intersessional Meeting

Thursday 29 January 2015, 10:00 and 15:00 hrs
Boardroom D, Vienna International Centre




Updated Agenda UNGASS Special Segment CND March 2015


1.    Contributions by the Commission to the work of the  Economic and Social Council

2.     Preparations for the  regular segment of the  58 th session of the Commission

(a)   Organization of work , including work of the Committee of the Whole

(b)   Normative  segment:  Scheduling of substances based on the international drug control conventions

(c)    Operational segment

3.      Preparations for the  Special Segment  on UNGASS preparations to be conducted at the occasion of the 58 th session of the Commission  

4.      Other business


Photos taken at the meeting can be accessed here .

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