This section is designed to offer periodical updates on our work as well as wildlife and forest crime relevant issues. The primary focus is to highlighted UNODC efforts for Combating wildlife and forest crime through news, events and publications. Additionally, you will find our Frequently Asked Questions Page for answers to many of the questions you might have.


This section brings periodical updates on wildlife and forest crime relevant issues concerning UNODC. The primary focus is on highlighting the activities of the Global Programme for Combating Wildlife ... more

  In our determination to combat wildlife and forest crime we have developed informative material aiming not only to promote education and awareness about this crime but more important to build technical assistance. ... more

We have created for you a list of commonly asked questions about wildlife and forest crime as well as information about UNODC activities and programmes in this topic ... more

  We appreciate your interest in our Programme, please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you should have any questions. However, we encourage you to go through our Frequently Asked Questions Page for ... more