CRIMJUST - Criminal Network Disruption Global Programme, otherwise known as “Strengthening Criminal Investigation and Criminal Justice Cooperation along Illicit Trafficking Routes”, is implemented as part of the Border Management Branch (BMB) of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Launched in 2016, CRIMJUST aims to support countries located along supply chains of illicitly trafficked commodities, through a comprehensive integrated approach, to go beyond the seizure of illicit commodities to undertake prosecution and/or proceeds of crime action designed to disrupt the activities of the criminal network.  

CRIMJUST’s interventions are tailored to the needs of participating countries, ranging from a focus on promoting strategies and enhancing capacity of investigators and prosecutors to conduct cross border investigations and facilitating post-seizure investigative forums to a more holistic approach. Such end-to-end interventions concentrate on supporting authorities through all stages of a case. That is, from intelligence collection, to analysis, to the production of actionable intelligence, to targeting and investigation strategies including special investigative techniques, to financial investigation and proceeds of crime actions, to case management and prosecution of high-value targets of transnational criminal networks.

While CRIMJUST’s initial focus was on providing support to stymie the flow of illicit drugs along transnational drug trafficking routes, recognizing the poly-criminality of organized crime groups, its interventions have evolved to now address all forms of transnational illicit flows.

CRIMJUST works in active partnership with INTERPOL, the UNODC Corruption and Economic Crime Branch and the UNODC Research and Trend Analysis Branch  to complement its implementation with measures to strengthen institutional integrity, to enhance criminal justice officials understanding of illicit routes, methodologies and markets. Moreover, it actively seeks out opportunities for cooperation with networks of practitioners and specialized agencies to optimize resources and relevance of its work. 

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CRIMJUST is funded by the European Union (EU), the US Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and the government of Portugal.

Additionally, in 2021, the CRIMJUST Global Programme offered its technical support to implement "Global Operation Azure" as part of the UNODC Opioid Strategy. For more information, please see below: 

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Illicit trafficking and related organized crime threaten security and public health in affected communities as well as undermine governance and the rule of law. The transnational nature of illicit trafficking as well as the increasing multi-crime portfolio of organized crime groups have exacerbated security, legal and health challenges facing participating countries, calling for an equally horizontal approach to cooperation at a national, regional and inter-regional level.

CRIMJUST - Criminal Network Disruption Global Programme - seeks to strengthen transnational investigations, criminal justice actions and criminal justice cooperation along illicit trafficking routes in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa with a view of disrupting organized crime networks.

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