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to assist Member States to develop capacity to monitor patterns and trends in drug abuse

to encourage the adoption of methodologically sound and comparable indicators of drug abuse

to support the development of expert technical networks at both national and regional level
to facilitate design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of evidence-based demand reduction responses in areas of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation and reducing negative health and social consequences of drug abuse

Global Assessment Programme on Drug Abuse (GAP) is strengthened the global information base on drug abuse through developing and disseminating cost-efficient methods and tools, and assisting countries in the collection and analysis of drug epidemiological data in accordance with internationally agreed standards of best practice.

Training and technical assistance to increase local capacities for the collection, use and reporting of internationally comparable epidemiological data on the demand for illicit drugs was provided in over 70 countries in different regions of the world. GAP field advisors assisted national data collection activities, and design and implementation of evidence-based demand reduction responses in Central and South-West Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, West and Central Africa, and in the Russian Federation.

GAP was successful in developing resources that promote, support and facilitate the reporting of comparable drug consumption data ( Evaluation of the GAP, Issue Two - December 2006). In order to further facilitate sharing of best practices in drug abuse epidemiology and to encourage use of harmonized indicators and tools, GAP developed a methodological Toolkit for monitoring drug abuse, providing a pragmatic approach for Member States to use to assess the drug abuse situation.


Module 1 Developing an Integrated Drug Information System
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Module 2 Estimating Prevalence: Indirect Methods for Estimating the Size of the Drug Problem
English French Russian Spanish Arabic
Module 3 Conducting School Surveys on Drug Abuse
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Module 4 ARQ Part II: Data management, Lexicon of Terminology and Guidance Notes
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Module 5 Training in Basic Drug Abuse Data Management and Analysis
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Module 6 Focus Assessment Studies: A Qualitative Approach to Data Collection
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Module 7 Ethical Challenges in Drug Epidemiology: Issues, Principles and Guidelines
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Module 8 Guidance for the Measurement of Drug Treatment Demand
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Last updated: 20 July 2009