Closing remarks

UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa

Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, 15 February 2008


Awareness has been raised  

"3 Ps" and implementation of the protocol

Technical assistance

Operational outcomes are becoming concrete

-         tracking and blocking credit card payments for internet human trafficking transactions.

-         technology to identify, monitor and disrupt human trafficking routes

-         codes of conduct to curb sex tourism ,

-         help lines to report suspected child prostitution or sex slavery

-         social services to stop street begging by exploited children .

-         better supply chain management and corporate self-certification to keep slave-made products off the shelves.

-         targeting human trafficking clusters - regions where this crime is especially acute.

Enabling factors

-         The manifestation of corporate responsibility that has been made by the business coalition to make products "slave free". 

-         The work of so many NGOs taking action at the grass roots (to mobilize 1.5 million signatures is amazing).

-         The initiative of members of the media who volunteered to set up an advisory panel to promote films on human trafficking.

-         Parliamentarians have deepened their commitment to, and knowledge of, the cause. At the Parliamentary Forum I was pleased to share the Handbook for Parliamentarians that should assist in putting the Protocol into action.

-         We all appreciated the work of faith-based organizations: they inspire ordinary citizens as much as leaders. Above all they can assist those who are vulnerable, preventing their fall, or assisting their recovery.

Attacking the problem at both ends, reducing supply and demand

A tipping point