Information CCPCJ Thematic Discussion

Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 12 – 2 pm and 3-5 pm (VIENNA TIME)

THEME: Effective measures to prevent and counter the smuggling of migrants, while protecting the rights of smuggled migrants, particularly women and children, and those of unaccompanied migrant children 

  • There will be two sessions, from 12-2pm and from 3-5pm (Vienna time), on the overall theme, without subitems
  • The discussion guide is available on: This note focuses on prevention and protection issues arising from the vulnerabilities faced by people on the move in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It should be read in conjunction with the thematic guide ( prepared for the twenty-ninth session, which offers background information on trends in the smuggling of migrants and the profiles of smugglers and those who use their services and discusses promising practices and challenges in responding to the smuggling of migrants. The two notes are complementary and should be read as a whole.
  • Speaking time for panellists is 5 minutes, for all other interventions 3 minutes. All pre-prepared presentations and/or statements should be sent in advance to
  • The discussion should be interactive, participants should ask questions and make reference to the presentations provided by panellists.
  • The outcome of the discussion will be a Chair’s summary of the salient points raised, which will not be subject to negotiation.

PNI Workshop

Please click here for the PNI Workshop flyer at the 30th session of the CCPCJ.