Twentieth special session of the General Assembly (1998)

At the twentieth special session of the General Assembly on 8-10 June 1998, Member States adopted a political declaration on countering the world drug problem.

The Commission requested the Executive Director of UNODC to prepare a biennial report based on information provided by Governments on progress made in implementing related action plans and measures. Between 2001 and 2008, the Commission considered five biennial reports on the implementation of the twentieth special session of the General Assembly.

At its fiftieth session in March 2007, the Commission decided to convene a high-level segment during its fifty-second session in 2009 in order to allow additional time for conducting an objective, scientific, balanced and transparent global assessment of the implementation of the declarations and measures adopted by the General Assembly at its twentieth special session.

44th Session (2001)                           First biennial report
46th Session (2003)  Second biennial report
48th Session (2005) Third biennial report
50th Session (2007) Fourth biennial report
51st Session (2008) Fifth report