Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Asset Recovery

Seventh session (Vienna, 29-30 August 2013)

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CU 2013/114 Generic Note Verbale - - -
Information Note for Participants - - -
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2013/1 Annotated provisional agenda and proposed organization of work
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2013/2 Discussion guide for the thematic discussion on article 56 (Special cooperation) and article 58 (Financial intelligence unit); and on article 54 (Mechanisms for recovery of property through international cooperation in confiscation) and article 55 (International cooperation for purposes of confiscation) and other relevant articles
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2013/3 Progress made in the implementation of asset recovery mandates
CAC/COSP/WG.2/2013/4 Report on the meeting of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Asset Recovery (Vienna, 29-30 August 2013)
Final List of Participants - - - - -
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CAC/COSP/WG.2/2013/CRP.1 Document entitled "The Arab Spring and the Recovery of Stolen Assets: Challenges and Responses Two Years Later (Conclusions of the 7th Practitioners' Workshop held in Lausanne, Switzerland, 28-29 January 2013)", submitted by Switzerland
(English and French only)
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CAC/COSP/WG.2/2013/CRP.2* Communication datée du 29 août 2013, adressée par la Mission permanente de la Belgique auprès de l'Organisation des Nations Unies à Vienne, pour prier l'Office des Nations Unies contre la drogue et le crime de faire figurer le document intitulé "La standardisation des 'good practices' - partage de l'expérience belge" parmi les documents de travail du groupe intergouvernemental à composition non limitée sur le recouvrement d'avoirs (French and Spanish only) - - - -