A.    Background

Given the COVID-19 situation and the relating health measures and restrictions, the Congress will be held in a hybrid format, with a limited in-person participation component in Kyoto and a large online participation component for participants worldwide.

Interpretation in the six official languages of the United Nations will be provided for all the formal proceedings (Plenary sessions and Committees I and II). Ancillary events will be generally in English only.

All participants who had already registered for the original dates of the Congress will need to register again - please see below information on the registration process in INDICO and specific information under registration categories. 

B.    Online participation

All registered online participants to the Congress can join all meetings of the Congress on an online event platform.

Participants designated and registered as “speakers” in Plenary and/or the Committees have the technical possibility to request for the floor and to address the meeting. 

“General Admissions / Observers” can follow the formal meetings (Plenary sessions and Committees I and II) in all official languages, but will not be able to take the floor in those meetings. General Admissions/Observers can take the floor in the special events and ancillary meetings without prior designation, by raising their hand.

C.    In-person participation:

Please note that all registered in-person participants will also automatically be registered as online observer (unless specifically also designated as “online speaker” in the registration form) and receive a personalized link to access the event platform.

In-person participants travelling from abroad will be subject to regulations on the entry to and during their stay in Japan. Participants are encouraged to keep any travel arrangements flexible and remain alert to a dynamic situation that may require further adaptations.

For in-person participation that would involve travel from outside of Japan, participants are asked to familiarize themselves, prior to registration, with the current border control and quarantine measures of Japan which have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic (information on the latest border control measures is available here).

Information on  Exceptional arrangements thereto, including with regard to visa application as well as for accommodation and ground transportation, for the purpose of participating in the Congress, will be made available on the Host Country’s Congress website.

For inquiries involving the Host Countryplease contact:


Registration for participation in the Congress has to be done via the United Nations registration platform INDICO. INDICO is based on the principle of self-registration by the individual participants. Each participant attending in-person or online must register in INDICO with his/her personalized INDICO profile (pls. see below under “steps to register”).


Registration for the Congress is open as of 20 January and will close on 18 February 2021.





  1. Every participant has to have a personalized INDICO profile.  
  2. If the participant does not have an INDICO profile yet, click on “create one here” to start the account creation process, fill out the INDICO profile basic information form and finalize by clicking on “create my Indico profile”.  
  3. To register for the event, go to the event form in Indico (pls see link above) and click on “apply”. In the form, all fields marked with * are mandatory.
  4. Please check below under your respective category, for detailed information of mandatory document(s) to be uploaded in INDICO.


Profile creation and Register for an event [video]

Step-by-step guide: ID creation and registration – Congress  [pdf]

NOTE:   Late registration and switching of roles will not be possible. The numbers of both in-person as well as online participants per delegation will be limited and, as such, delegations are encouraged to register as early as possible.

Registration Categories

Member States

Member and Observer States

United Nations

United Nations Bodies and Entities, UN Secretariat and Specialized Agencies

Special Rapporteurs and Special Representatives of the Secretary-General

UN Institutes
Institutes of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme Network (PNIs)
Intergovernmental Organizations

Intergovernmental Organizations


NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC

NGOs without consultative status with ECOSOC


Individual Experts


Special Guests


Host Country Guests



UN Staff/Interpreters
Local support staff for the Crime Congress
Local staff (general)
UN Safety and Security
Embassy and Other support staff/security/drivers


For any inquiries involving the Congress Secretariat, please contact  

COVID-19 Related Info

Please click here for COVID-19 related information for the 14th UN Crime Congress.

Congress Timeline

Please click here for timeline information for the 14th UN Crime Congress.