Registration - Host Country Guests

This category refers to persons invited by the Host Country to participate in the Congress.

Host Country Guests need to register in INDICO and upload the Official Letter of Invitation issued to them by the Host Government by 2 March 2021.

The letter issued by the Host Government will indicate whether participation is in-person or online.  Participants should follow the corresponding guide to register in INDICO below.


Registration in INDICO

Event registration form

Guide how to register in INDICO for in-person participants

Guide how to register in INDICO for online participants

INDICO photo requirements

Profile creation and Register for an event [video]

To modify a submitted registration form:  Once the registration form has been submitted in INDICO, an acknowledgement email is sent to the participant.   As long as the registration form in INDICO has not been approved by the Congress Secretariat, participants can modify their registration form (for example to change the photo or to upload a different /additional document.  To access and modify the registration form, participants can click on the link in the acknowledgement email sent by the Congress Secretariat.   Once the registration form is approved, the participant will get a registration confirmation by email.   If the registration form has to be modified after it has been approved, the participant should first contact the Congress Secretariat. The Secretariat will set up a pending action, review and approve the form. 



By presenting their badges upon their first entry to the KICC, all in-person participants declare that they have been tested negative for COVID-19 (PCR or antigen test) not earlier than 72h before.

COVID-19 related information
Please click here for COVID-19 related information for the 14th UN Crime Congress.