Registration - Individual Experts

Persons with an interest in crime prevention and the treatment of offenders had the opportunity to apply to the Secretariat for an invitation to participate at the Fourteenth Congress as individual experts. The deadline for expressions of interest by individual experts to participate as observers in the Fourteenth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice expired on 10 February 2020. All those who had expressed an interest to participate by 10 February 2020 and whose applications were approved, were contacted and have received a confirmation email with the invitation to register in INDICO.

The deadline for the expression of interest for the participation of Individual Experts has been closed, and no further expressions of interest can be accepted.


In-Person Participation

In-person participation of Individual Experts will only be possible for those Individual Experts, residing in Japan, that have either been confirmed to be a panellist or are one of the main organizers of the ancillary meetings.

These participants can be provided with day badges (day of the event), provided that they can present a letter at the registration from the organizer of the event indicating that they are the organizer or that they have been designated to act as panellist. Please note that only a very limited number of people will be allowed in the room, in accordance with the COVID-19 prevention measures. 

All registered in-person participants will also be registered as online “General Admission/Observer”.  

Online Participation

Individual Experts not residing in Japan, will participate online as “General Admission/Observer”. All registered online participants to the Congress can join all meetings of the Congress on an online event platform. All participants with “observer” roles can follow the formal meetings (Plenary sessions and Committees I and II) in all official languages, but will not be able to take the floor in those meetings. Observers can take the floor in the special events and ancillary meetings without prior designation, by raising their hand.


Registration in INDICO

Individual experts shall register in INDICO  and upload the confirmation email from the Secretariat by 2 March 2021.

Individual experts who are invited to speak as a Panellist in Committee I or II, or in Ancillary Meetings and/or Special Events should also select the respective box in the INDICO registration form. A communication from the organizer of the event should also be uploaded in INDICO.

Indico event registration

Guide How to Register in INDICO

INDICO photo requirements

Profile creation and Register for an event [video]

To modify a submitted registration form:  Once the registration form has been submitted in INDICO, an acknowledgement email is sent to the participant.   As long as the registration form in INDICO has not been approved by the Congress Secretariat, participants can modify their registration form (for example to change the photo or to upload a different /additional document.  To access and modify the registration form, participants can click on the link in the acknowledgement email sent by the Congress Secretariat.   Once the registration form is approved, the participant will get a registration confirmation by email.  If the registration form has to be modified after it has been approved, the participant should first contact the Congress Secretariat. The Secretariat will set up a pending action, review and approve the form.


Access to the Kyoto International Conference Center and conference rooms

Access to the Plenary Hall and Committees Hall will be restricted and therefore a limited number of floating badges to enter the Plenary Hall and the Committees Hall will be distributed daily on a first-come, first-served basis on-sight.

By presenting their badges upon their first entry to the KICC, all in-person participants declare that they have been tested negative for COVID-19 (PCR or antigen test) not earlier than 72h before.