World Drug Report

The World Drug Report presents the most comprehensive statistical view of today's illicit drug situation. This year's edition reports signs of long-term containment of the global problem. However, the overall trend masks contrasting regional situations, which the report examines in detail. For instance, while an impressive multi-year reduction in opium poppy cultivation continued in South-East Asia, Afghanistan recorded a large increase in 2006. More interceptions of cocaine and heroin shipments across the world have played an important part in stabilizing the market. However, as we witness successes in some areas, challenges appear in others. Although drug abuse levels are stabilizing globally, countries along major and new trafficking routes, such as those now going through Africa, may face increasing levels of drug consumption. The World Drug Report 2007 also discusses a possible method to better assess and monitor the role played by organized crime in transnational drug trafficking.

The survey form is available to download in PDF format..

World Drug Report 2007
Executive Summary

Full Report:

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Seizures (PDF)
Seizures of illict laboratories (PDF)



Press releases

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Video video news release and B-roll

Executive Director Costa B-roll

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Audio Executive Director Costa on:

Drug addiction as a health problem - listen - download
Afghanistan - listen - download
Africa - listen - download
The international drug economy - listen - download
The situation in Colombia - listen - download
International drug control - listen - download
The increase in drug seizures - listen - download
The Golden Triangle - listen - download

Research expert Thomas Pietschmann on:

World Drug Report overview (7:04) - listen - download
Africa (6:05) - listen - download
Asia (5:43) - listen - download
South America (2:15) - listen - download


Volume 1: Analysis

Explanatory notes
Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Trends in World Drug Markets

1.1. Overview
1.2 Opium / Heroin market
1.3 Coca / Cocaine market
1.4 Cannabis market
1.5 Amphetamine-type stimulants

Chapter 2. Invisible empire or invisible hand? Organized crime and transnational drug trafficking Statistical Annex

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Assessing the degree of organization
2.3. Cocaine via Central America to the USA
2.4. Heroin via Central Asia to the Russian Federation
2.5. Tracking trafficking

Statistical Annex

3.1. Production

3.1.1 Afghanistan
3.1.2 Bolivia
3.1.3 Colombia
3.1.4 Lao PDR
3.1.5 Myanmar
3.1.6 Peru

3.2 Seizures
3.3 Seizures of illict laboratories

3.4 Prices

3.4.1 Opiates: Wholesale, street prices and purity levels
3.4.2 Cocaine: Wholesale, street prices and purity levels
3.4.3 Cannabis: Wholesale, street prices and purity levels
3.4.4 Amphetamine-type stimulants: Wholesale, street prices and purity levels

3.5 Consumption

3.5.1 Annual Prevalence
3.5.2. Treatment Demand



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