Bulletin on Narcotics - 1985 Issue 2


Editorial note
New trends in drug use among youth in California
Changing trends in heroin abuse in India : an assessment based on treatment records
Heroin addiction among young people : a new development in Sri Lanka
Drug use among Nigerian university students : prevalence of self-reported use and attitudes to use
Drug use among adolescents in Asturias (Spain)
Non-medical drug use behaviour at five United States universities : a 15-year study
Consistencies in self-reported drug use among students in Ontario (Canada)
Young people and the struggle against drug abuse in the Arab countries
Abuse of henbane by children in Turkey
Measures to prevent and reduce drug abuse among young people in Burma
Drug demand reduction programmes for young people in Hong Kong
A contribution to the study of young people s attitudes towards drug use and users
Prevention of drug abuse by promoting mental health among school students
Life-style and drug use habits among secondary school students
Drug addiction among young people: a study of typology and its relevance to treatment programmes
Young drug addicts and the drug scene
Risks incurred by children of drug-addicted women: some medical and legal aspects
Drugs and the young: some legal issues
Recommendation from youth to youth: keep off the drugs
For an overall approach to prevention: basic critical considerations