Bulletin on Narcotics

Volume LIV, Nos. 1 and 2, 2002

The science of drug abuse epidemiology

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Drug abuse epidemiology: an overview
by Z. Sloboda

Estimating the prevalence of problematic drug use: a review of methods and their application
by M. Hickman, C. Taylor, A. Chatterjee, L. Degenhardt, M. Frischer, G. Hay, K. Tilling, L. Wiessing, P. Griffiths and R. McKetin

The role of dynamic modelling in drug abuse epidemiology
by C. Rossi

Drug use, drug abuse and heterogeneity
by M. D. Glantz and J. D. Colliver

The role of rapid assessment methods in drug use epidemiology
by C. Fitch, T. Rhodes, V. Hope, G. V. Stimson and A. Renton

Drug treatment data as an epidemiological indicator: methodological considerations and improved analyses
by M. Stauffacher

An ethno-epidemiological approach for the multi-site study of emerging drug abuse trends: the spread of methamphetamine in the United States of America
by A. Pach III and E. M. Gorman

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection rates and heroin trafficking: fearful symmetries
by C. Beyrer

The need for a global understanding of epidemiological data to inform human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention among injecting drug users
by K. L. Dehne, M. Adelekan, A. Chatterjee and G. Weiler

An ethical framework for drug epidemiology: identifying the issues
by C. L. Fry and W. Hall

Epidemiology and policy: the post-war context
by V. Berridge