Global Meeting of focal points of the United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operational of Criminal Justice System (UN-CTS)

The First Global Meeting of national experts on crime statistics takes place to advise and assist UNODC in the activities to implement the 'Roadmap to improve the quality and availability of crime statistics at the national and international level' (E/CN.3/2013/11 and E/CN.3/2015/8) and it is supported by the INEGI-UNODC Centre of Excellence for Statistical Information on Government, Victimization of Crime, Public Security and Justice.

The objectives of the meeting were:

  1. To discuss options to review the UN-CTS data collection to make it fully compliant with the International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS) and to respond to data needs connected to international monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the areas of public security and safety, access to justice and the rule of law
  2. To review and discuss ways to improve quality and standardization of victimization surveys to produce high quality data for indicators included in the new SDG framework;
  3. To discuss challenges and present good practices on role and activities of UN-CTS national Focal Points
  4. To present the workplan of activities to support countries in the implementation of the International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS).


List of Participants

Report of the First Global Meeting of UN-CTS Focal Points, 9-11 May 2016


New information needs on crime and criminal justice: SDG, ICCS and others (UNODC)

Data collection on crime and criminal justice: achievements and challenges (UNODC)

Performing the role of UN-CTS Focal Point, experiences from countries.
Perspectives from: Argentina, Germany, Uganda

A Regional perspective on UN-CTS process and data quality (Eurostat)

Victimization surveys: increasing quality and comparability of data on SDG indicators (part I: violence indicators). Perspectives from: France, Netherlands

Victimization surveys, increasing quality and availability of data on SDG indicators (part II: corruption, discrimination)

Recent developments on victimisation surveys

Review of activities on the International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS)

Working Group Discussions: