New ARQ Pilot exercise 

A pilot exercise on the new ARQ is being conducted during October 2019 in order to assess availability of data/information and clarity of new ARQ questions, while no actual data/information is asked in the Pilot. Countries that expressed interest in participating in this exercise received selected ARQ modules (as per their indication).

The ARQ Pilot modules are accessible on this page, together with instructions for conducting the ARQ Pilot. The ARQ Guidelines, which contain reference definitions and classifications, are also provided.


Guidelines and Instructions

ARQ Pilot Instructions



General Part

A01 Prevalence and extent of drug use

A02 People who inject drugs (PWID)

A03  People with Drug Use Disorders

A04 Drug-related mortality

A05 Drug-related treatment

A06 Seizures and Trafficking

A07 Clandestine laboratories

A08 Illicit Cultivation and Eradication of Crops

A09 Price and purity of drugs

A10 Drug-related criminal justice process

A11 Legislative, institutional and strategic framework


R01 Prisons

R02 Drug-related acute intoxication and non-fatal overdoses

R03 Core treatment services

R04 Registered Users

R05 Prevention of drug use

R06 Prevention of infectious diseases

R07 Sales of drugs using the internet and related technologies

R08 Links between drug trafficking, corruption and other forms of organized crime

R09 Supply reduction activities and international cooperation

R10  Alternative development

R11 Alternatives to conviction or punishment

R12 New Psychoactive Substances identified

R13  Illicit Financial Flows and Money Laundering

R14  National framework

R15  Innovative methods for data collection

R16  Access to internationally controlled medications