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The trafficking of wildlife is increasingly recognized as both a specialized area of organized crime and a significant threat to many plant and animal species. The World Wildlife Crime Report takes stock of the present wildlife crime situation with a focus on illicit trafficking of specific protected species of wild fauna and flora, and provides a broad assessment of the nature and extent of the problem at the global level. It includes a quantitative market assessment and a series of in-depth illicit trade case studies.


World wildlife crime report - Full version (English)

Summary and Overview
Chapter 1: Defining transnational organized wildlife crime
Chapter 2: The World Wildlife Seizures (World WISE) database
Chapter 3: Furniture
Chapter 4: Art, décor, and jewellery
Chapter 5: Fashion
Chapter 6: Cosmetics and perfume
Chapter 7: Food, tonics, and medicines
Chapter 8: Pets, zoos, and breeding
Chapter 9: Seafood
Chapter 10: Implications for policy


Research Brief - Wildlife Crime Status Update 2017