Public, Individuals and Families

What is the GLOK67?

What is the Objective?

What are the activities that will be employed to reach our goals?

  1. Undertake regional, country, community level education and advocacy to increase awareness.
  2. Following evidence-based recommendations, policy guidance and legislative best practices and if necessary review and revise existing regulations and policies.
  3. Develop training materials/training package and build capacities in countries to manage controlled drugs.

The Right to Health is among one of the Fundamental Human Rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (article 25) and it is also one of the points expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals ( Goal 3 ).

In the UNODC 2011 Discussion Paper : Public Individuals and Families can find information related to:

 The World Health Organisation in their guide for availability and accessibility of controlled medicine; " Ensuring Balance in National Policies on Controlled Substances provides:

 The International Narcotics Control Board publication: " Ensuring Adequate Access for Medical and Scientific Purposes '' defines:

 Individuals and families that may want to know about the Drug Dependence Treatment they may consult the document prepared by the Treatment Section of the Health Branch of the UNODC: " Principles of Drug Dependence Treatment ".

Additionally the public to get further knowledge on the prevention and treatment of drug use disorders may also consult the " International Standards on Drug Use Prevention ", and the " International Standards for the Treatment of Drug Use Disorders ".

The public, individuals and families in need of more technical information regarding the treatment of drug use disorders may consult the Treatment and Care Website of the UNODC Health Branch.