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Katharina Kayser, Chief, Independent Evaluation Section, UNODC

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This section offers all resources for the evaluation-process, covering norms, standards, evaluation policy, guidance for Project Managers as well as the evaluation handbook. ... more

IES evaluation-based knowledge products synthesize the wealth of UNODC evaluation results. Moreover, relevant resources of the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) as well as from other UN evaluation functions, etc. are accessible.  ... more   This section offers resources on IES's engagement in building National Evaluation Capacity and provides information on the role of evaluation in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as on the important role of Human Rights and Gender Equality in UNODC evaluation processes.  ... more


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Independent Evaluation Quality Assessment of all UNODC evaluation reports finalised in 2018 

In line with previous years and with best practices in the United Nations, two independent senior evaluators reviewed and assessed all UNODC Independent evaluation reports published in 2018. All published reports were rated as "good" and "very good", thereby further increasing the quality of UNODC evaluation reports (in 2015, 46% of evaluation reports were rated as "good" and "very good").

The independent Evaluation Quality Assessment (EQA) highlighted that 88% of published evaluations considered the Sustainable Development Goals in the evaluation report and successfully met the requirements of the Evaluation Performance Indicator of the UN System-Wide Action Plan for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-SWAP).

Final Independent Evaluation Quality Assessment 2018 (please click)

Evaluation templates and flowcharts are now available in Spanish:


In-depth thematic cluster evaluation of Law Enforcement and Border Control in Central Asia (Sub-programme XAC/Z60 and projects TAJ/E24, TAJ/H03, RER/H22, and XAC/K22)

Evaluation report

Evaluation Brief (2-pager)


Independent formative In-depth evaluation of the Western Balkans Counter-Serious Crime Initiative (WBCSCi) in the context of the Integrative Internal Security Governance (IISG) mechanism including the European Union action: "Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II) Multi-Country Action Programme 2017 - Support to the Western Balkan Integrative Internal Security Governance"

Final report

Final Evaluation Brief (2-pager)
  UNODC Evaluation Handbook    

"Evaluation Handbook - Guidance for designing, conducting and using independent evaluation at UNODC"

Download the full Handbook here: UNODC Evaluation Handbook

Recent Independent Project Evaluations

XCA/X75: Apoyo al A.B.1 Coordinación Interinstitucional y Regional para la seguridad fronteriza en Centroamérica

Evaluation Report (in Spanish with English Ex. Summary) ; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

EGY/Z33: Improving the Criminal Justice Response to Violence against Women in Egypt

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

MEX/Z93: Fortalecimiento para la Seguridad de Grupos Vulnerables

Evaluation Report (in Spanish with English Ex. Summary) ; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

GLO/Z99-segment:Asia-Pacific Joint Action Towards a Global Regime Against Corruption (2016-2020)

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

BHU/Z13:  Enhance Government and Civil Society Responses to Counter Trafficking in Persons in Bhutan

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

PSE/Y13: Supporting the establishment of an evidence based drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation system for the Palestine National Rehabilitation Center

Evaluation Report ; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

PSE/X02: Forensic Human Resource and Governance Development Assistance for the Palestinian Authority

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

XLA/Y08: Support to Demand Reduction of Drugs in Andean Countries - PREDEM

Evaluation Report (in Spanish with English Ex. Summary)

XAW/Z28: Support to ECOWAS Regional Action Plan on illicit drug trafficking, organized crime related to it and drug abuse in West Africa

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)

GLO/T63: Support to crime prevention and criminal justice reform

Evaluation Report; Evaluation Brief (2-pager)