Other Organizations Evaluation Reports


  • PER/U87 Sustainable agricultural development to reduce poverty through environmentally sustainable approaches and gender empowerment, mid-term evaluation, 2012 ( Report)
  • LKA/T91 Civil Society Empowerment Project to enhance Democracy, final evaluation, November 2011 ( Report)
  • PAK/J85 HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care for female injecting drug users and female prisoners in Pakistan (PAKJ85). Mid Term Review, February 2010 ( Report)
  • RAS/H13 Prevention of Transmission of HIV among drug users in SAARC Countries, Phase II (2007-12). Mid-Term Review, March-April 2010 ( Report)
  • XSP/T33 Project Childhood: Child Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism (CSETT), Mekong Sub-Region, Mid-term Evaluation, November 2013 ( Evaluation Report; Management Response)
















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