IEU Evaluation Reports



A. Independent Project Evaluations

Since January 2010, IEU has backstopped a large number of Independent Project Evaluations across the Organization in line with UNEG Norms and Standards. Backstopping entails providing quality assurance and clerarance of (i) the Evaluation ToR, (ii)  the selection of evaluators, (iii) the inception report which includes the methodology and, (iv) the draft and final reports. Evaluation reports are then published on the IEU website. Upon request, IEU carries out meta-evaluations which analyse the findings from various evaluations, e.g. Independent Project Evaluations within a region.

Independent Project Evaluations


B. In-depth Evaluations

In-depth Evaluations are evaluations managed and conducted by IEU in collaboration with independent external evaluators.

In-depth Evaluations are usually large-scale strategic evaluations, such as country programme evaluations, regional evaluations, thematic evaluations or corporate-level evaluations.

In-depth Evaluations

Prior to 2010, IEU was managing Thematic Evaluations.  From 2010, the name and scope has changed to become In-depth Evaluations.

Thematic Evaluations


C . Joint Evaluations

A joint evaluation is an evaluation to which different agencies and/or partners participate. There are various degrees of "jointness" depending on the extent to which individual partners cooperate in the evaluation process, merge their evaluation resources and combine their evaluation reporting. Joint evaluations can help overcome attribution problems in assessing the effectiveness of programmes and strategies, the complementarity of efforts supported by different partners, the quality of aid coordination, etc.

Joint Evaluations



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