UNODC, INTERPOL and IOC tackle the manipulation of sports competitions

© iStock/Skynesher
Vienna (Austria), 18 September 2020 — The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), INTERPOL and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) held a two-day webinar for Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta and Turkey on 15 and 16 September 2020, aimed at tackling the manipulation of sport competitions.
Raising awareness about the issue and promoting capacity-building among participants in order to address the threat of the manipulation of sports competitions, were at the core of webinar’s goals.
The virtual workshop brought together around 100 participants and served to highlight existing good practices; while highlighting actionable examples of how law enforcement, criminal justice authorities, sport organizations and related stakeholders can come together to prevent, detect and sanction the manipulation of sport competitions.
Mr. Giovanni Gallo, Chief of Section of the Corruption and Economic Crime Branch at UNODC delivered the opening remarks, illustrating how corruption —in certain instances— can constitute a “gateway crime” that ultimately facilitates further illicit and illegal activities.
As such, he highlighted the need to be aware of the risk of convergences with other sports-related crimes. Mr. Gallo stressed UNODC’s commitment to support Member States and provide technical assistance, while noting that the virtual workshop on safeguarding sport from corruption and crime was but one of a number of measures participants could take towards promoting an increasingly coordinated and structured approach that would combat corruption in sport — with particular emphasis on the manipulation of sport competitions.