The ability to facilitate efficient and effective mutual legal assistance and extradition—the bedrocks of international cooperation on judicial matters - is vital to combatting corruption committed within States and across their borders. Evidence can be destroyed, and suspects can abscond before a request for mutual legal assistance or extradition can be made

Nearly all the UNCAC States Parties have received recommendations under Chapter IV of the Convention in the context of the Implementation Review Mechanism, especially on Article 44 (Extradition) and 46 (Mutual Legal Assistance) of the Convention. In legal systems,  laws  and  procedures-  there are cumbersome  and  lengthy  mutual legal assistance  and extradition  procedures  that result  in  delays  thereby  impacting  investigations  and  prosecutions; limited  resources  for  processing  requests  and using  modern  technology  such  as  video-conferencing;  and  linguistic  and  terminology  differences  have  an impact on the  extent  to which most States can provide and receive assistance.

International cooperation has been identified as one of the regional priorities in most regional platforms. Participating States identified three general categories of challenges to the facilitation of international cooperation in the prevention and investigation of corruption cases: legislative, capacity, and regional networks.

UNODC is thus providing support to participating States in promoting and fostering international and regional cooperation. In this regard, regional handbooks on mutual legal assistance in judicial matters are being developed, trainings and advice have also been provided on international cooperation systems and frameworks and regional working sessions are convened to document the remaining challenges linked to international cooperation in the regions as well as to foster coordination among the participants.

UNODC is also working in close collaboration with other regional networks and bodies such as ASEAN, GIZ East Africa, EAAACA-ARINEA, ARINSA, SADC and OAS.



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COVID-19 and Corruption

Corruption thrives in times of crisis. UNODC supports Member States to prevent and combat corruption during COVID-19 pandemic.