Civil Society - Eastern Africa Platform

CSOs from across East Africa gathered for a roundtable in Addis Ababa in April 2019 to report on progress in public procurement and whistleblower protection

The Regional Conference was held in Nairobi in February 2017, bringing together representatives from government and civil society organisations from the eight countries of the East Africa regional platform. 

A Follow up workshop to the recommendations adopted at the opening Regional Conference was held in Arusha, Tanzania in March 2018. The workshop brought some 35 governmental representatives and civil society organizations (CSOs) specialising on public procurement and whistle-blower protection.

The workshop was followed by a third meeting of the CSO network at a one-day roundtable to report on progress on public procurement and whistleblower protection in Addis Ababa in April 2019. The roundtable heard from 18 CSOs across East African on their organization's work in each of the two anti-corruption areas.

CSOs are continued to be supported in the platform, notably through grants given to five CSOs in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and South Sudan in 2020 to deliver anti-corruption projects in public procurement or whistleblower protection. Additionally, the Africa Anti-Corruption e-Platform was expanded with the new participants of the Eastern Africa platform, and is continuing to grow.

The following CSOs have been involved in the UNCAC Fast-Tracking process so far across Eastern Africa: