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Gender & Terrorism Prevention

Cover of Thematic Brief on Terrorism Prevention

UNODC’s terrorism prevention programme is responding to calls by the General Assembly “to shape, review and implement all counter terrorism measures in accordance with the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination” and to mainstreaming gender perspectives into criminal justice responses to terrorism.

This brief aims to highlight that there are no gender-neutral interventions when the ultimate goal is to improve the lives of all people, women and men, girls and boys, as well as individuals of diverse bodily characteristics, diverse sexual orientation and or/diverse plural gender identities. Gender mainstreaming significantly strengthens the effectiveness of counter terrorism efforts and respect for human rights.

The thematic brief on mainstreaming gender in terrorism prevention projects/programmes provides a step-by-step guidance on how to practically mainstream gender throughout programme documents.

Access the Thematic Brief on Mainstreaming Gender in Terrorism Prevention Projects/Programmes here.


These resources provide practical guidance and are designed to support national governments, other UN entities or individuals working in civil society organizations. This will be updated regularly.