Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs adopts HIV Action Plan 

23 October 2015 - The Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA) has adopted the Sectoral Action Plan on responding to HIV and AIDS among police personnel and staff for 2015-2018.

The Action Plan was developed with the technical support of UNODC Ukraine within the framework of the USAID-funded PLEDGE project with close engagement of the members of the Technical Working Group on HIV and Law Enforcement. 

It outlines key roles and accountability of the police sector in the implementation of the 2014-2018 National AIDS Programme.

The Action Plan activities are related to HIV prevention at work place, implementation of HIV education and awareness raising among the police staff.

It includes contribution of the law enforcement sector to improve the legal and normative framework, especially as it relates to opioid substitution therapy, harm reduction.

The plan also covers the enhancement of inter-sectoral cooperation between police, health care, social support and civil society organizations in promoting accessibility of HIV programmes for key populations.

"We do expect that the Action Plan will further enhance a supportive environment for the implementation of the national response to the AIDS epidemic in Ukraine and provide an important opportunity for various stakeholders especially civil society organizations to collaborate with the police sector in more constructive manner," said Mirzahid Sultanov, Adviser on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, UNODC.

The Action Plan has been sent through the Ministry's official internal channels to all structural units of the MoIA including its oblast (regional) and city (local) departments for implementation.

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