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Support from Private Sector


9/6/2022 - UNVTF received a contribution amounting to amounting to EUR 10,000 from FUNDACIÓN ADECOSE (ADECOSE Foundation) and delivered a presentation on collective efforts with global civil society organizations for emergent and comprehensive support to survivors of human trafficking in the Solidarity Award ADECOSE Foundation 2022 (Premio Solidario Fundación ADECOSE 2022).

The ADECOSE Foundation is a non-profit organisation that carries out educational, cultural and ethical value projects and also promotes socially responsible and sustainable projects. [Read more about ADECOSE Foundation]

Coyote Logistics

22/2/2021 - The UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons (UNVTF) participated in a training for Coyote Logistics on combating and preventing human trafficking. [Click here for details]

Rukus Avenue Music Group

25/8/2020 – 30 artists from around the globe performed on this year’s World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30 July at the first-ever live virtual fundraising concert in support of human trafficking victims through the Trust Fund. [Click here for details]

Marriott International

11/2019 - Marriott International London organized a fundraising event to show the heart for victims of human trafficking. All donation has been contributed to the Trust Fund.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab

9/2019 - UNVTF supported “Reimagine This Place”, an art-based benefit fundraiser organized by the MIT Media Lab. At the event, attendees created poster designs epitomizing the support for victims trafficked in the form of sexual exploitation. Posters created have been distributed around campus as a way of raising public awareness against this heinous crime. Proceeds from the event, as well as from the sale of posters created, will benefit the support to victims of human trafficking through UNVTF.

More news on support from private sector


All forms of trafficking in persons constitute serious violations of the human rights of victims, and trafficking in persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation is one of the worst forms of gender based violence.  Less than 1% of all the victims of trafficking in the world are actually properly identified so you can appreciate that the hidden numbers are immense.

The UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons (UNVTF) was established by the UN General Assembly a little over a decade ago with the sole purpose of directly reaching and assisting as many trafficking in persons victims wherever they are through local NGOs with less bureaucratic hurdles. UNVTF currently facilitates small grants with a victims-centred approach reaching over 5,000 victims a year through a total of more than 130 projects implemented by our civil society partners on the front line.

You are invited to watch the video, hear the testimonials from survivors, and know more on the impact of UNVTF-funded projects around the globe.

UNVTF would like to reach more victims and the support from the private sector is the game changer.  UNVTF would like to encourage your company to include supporting victims of human trafficking in your CSR framework and workplace fundraising matching employee fundraising.   UNVTF would be glad to share your examples of support to victims of trafficking in persons and build on your efforts to encourage more companies and employees to be active victims supporters and advocates.