Malaika Oringo from Uganda is the founder and CEO of Footprint to Freedom a survivor-led organization based in the Netherlands. For the past 17 years, she has been active in the fight against human trafficking and works to strengthen the inclusion and engagement of survivors in decision-making processes - from the community to the international level. Read the full story here
Kyra Doubek from the USA is the Executive Director of Washington Trafficking Prevention, a survivor-led organization committed to ending human trafficking in Washington State through prevention. Kyra campaigns for an increase in services for human trafficking survivors and works closely with local and federal law enforcement authorities. Read the full story here
Marcela Loaiza from Colombia runs the Marcela Loaiza Foundation to raise awareness about human trafficking through education among girls, women and men in Colombia and the United States. The Foundation helps victims to reintegrate into society and provides services to overcome personal and psychological problems, and gain access to the job market. Read the full story here
Karly Church from Canada is a Crisis Intervention Counsellor at a regional support service for victims of human trafficking. Karly visits schools in her community to raise awareness especially among young children. She also teams up with the Human Trafficking Unit of the regional police force, joining them on operations. Read the full story here

Francisca Awah from Cameroon is the founder and Executive Director of The Survivors' Network. This organization, which is led by survivors of human trafficking, rescues women from national and international situations of exploitation, and empowers them to rebuild their lives and be reintegrated into society.
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Kendall Alaimo
from the USA is an international anti-human trafficking activist, a clinical educator and a professionally trained artist. She is passionate about child sexual abuse prevention. Kendall campaigns for the development of effective clinical care for victims of human trafficking and better educational opportunities for survivors of this crime. Read the full story here