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Training Workshop on Justice for Children in the Context of Counter-Terrorism in Indonesia

From 30 November to 2 December 2021, UNODC co-organized, together with the national counter-terrorism agency (BNPT), the first capacity-building workshop under the new STRIVE Juvenile project in Indonesia. The Training Workshop is a continuation of the ongoing fruitful cooperation between UNODC and the Government of Indonesia and topics chosen were framed according to the needs of national stakeholders identified during a Situation Analysis conducted by UNODC earlier this year. 

The activity aimed to increase the awareness and understanding of participants on the justice responses that are needed to ensure the rehabilitation and reintegration of children associated with terrorist and violent extremist groups. 

The interactive and multi-disciplinary training workshop was organized in a hybrid format, bringing together 28 participants from a broad range of national stakeholders that come into contact with children associated with terrorist and violent extremist groups in Indonesia. UNODC international experts provided in-depth knowledge on justice for children to participants working with children in contact with the law, through a training format aiming to promote interactive learning and foster coordination across different sectors with responsibility for children.

The workshop also served as a forum for discussion for measures to strengthen the justice system for children in Indonesia in the context of counter-terrorism, focusing on how children who have been recruited and exploited are affected by violence; key elements of a specialised justice system for children during the different stages; the use of alternatives to judicial proceedings; the necessity and challenges of multi-disciplinary and coordinated responses and other relevant topics. 

As an outcome of the discussions and to ensure sustainability of the activity, a guidance note on justice for children in the context of counter-terrorism will be developed and provided to participants by UNODC.  ;  ; E-Press Folder 


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During the Special Event, the new project STRIVE Juvenile has been presented. STRIVE Juvenile: Preventing and Responding to Violence against Children by Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups is a three-year (2021-2024), EUR 5.5 million initiative by the European Union and UNODC. The project aims to partner with the selected countries, the Republic of Indonesia, the Republic of Iraq and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for the development and implementation of comprehensive national responses to prevent and counter violent extremism affecting children, in full respect of human rights, gender equality and international law... Read more 

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