‘Listen First’ Reaches the Bolivian Community

December 23rd, 2021

With a full year passing since the launch of ‘The Science of Care’ series, UNODC would like to acknowledge partners from around the world who were invested in its dissemination.  For example, the Institute for Human Development in Bolivia has successfully incorporated the ‘Listen First’ materials as part of their prevention work and activities.

The Institute for Human Development (‘Instituto para el Desarrollo Humano’; hereinafter IDH) is a non-profit organization established in 1997 to improve people’s life quality in Bolivia, particularly in areas related to preventative medicine, human rights, and environment protection. Amongst their specialized areas of action lies prevention of substance use, the bridge through which UNODC and IDH were able to connect. With UNODC’s awarding of DAPC funding (more information below!), IDH has implemented their project "Build your life without drugs" that sought to reach teachers and students to enhance their knowledge and behavior towards drug use prevention.

The partnering organization took the initiative to incorporate ‘Listen First’ as part of its program and activities. The availability of the videos and science sheets in Spanish made it easy for them to use the materials.  Mr. Constanza Tames, Prevention Projects Coordinator from IDH reflects: “The materials of the ‘Listen First’ initiative, based on science, are focused on promoting empowerment in families for the prevention of drug use. Very good materials: the videos are educational and understandable to share with the team and with the project beneficiaries.”

IDH shared them with more than 500 teachers and parents, who expressed their appreciation and satisfaction with the resources. COVID-19 restricted face-to-face sessions, so the material’s digital availability readily fit into and complimented the organization’s new, virtual format.  IDH continues to use and distribute ‘Listen First’ through their activities. We hope that the recently released ‘The Science of Skills’ series also makes its way into the Bolivian community. Hats off to IDH!

Please visit our website for more information about DAPC (Drug Abuse Prevention Center) grants.  The Call for Proposals for 2022 will be announced in early January 2022 and run until the end of the month, so if you’re interested (or know an organization that might be interested), keep an eye out for updates at the DAPC website!

Made possible with the generous support of France.