Civil society organisations across the world mark IACD 2021


Vienna (Austria) - 10 December 2021 – On 9 December, civil society organisations (CSOs) around the world celebrated the annual International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) 2021. This year's campaign, under the theme “Your right, your role: Say no to corruption,” emphasises the rights and responsibilities of everyone in tackling corruption, from the community level up to the international sphere. It reminds us of the need for policies, systems, and measures to be in place for people to be able to speak up and say no to this crime. IACD 2021 was marked by civil society with various activities and campaigns, a selection of which the UNODC Civil Society Unit share here:   

Song on corruption – “Hak taki, Dor taki. Kelim laa le Fasad (Your right, your role. Say no to corruption)" 
The founder of Integrity South Sudan NGO Luate Satimon Joel composed a song to manifest the anti-corruption efforts of everyone. Luate believes that music speaks loudest, reaching a greater distance. The theme: “Your right, your role. Say no to corruption” translated to simple Juba Arabic “Hak taki, Dor taki. Kelim laa le Fasad” became the basis for his song, which was officially launched on IACD. Luate hosted, in addition, a radio talk show on Advance Youth Radio 99.9FM Juba that brought together government officials and CSOs for the occasion of the launch.  

TI-Moldova award for investigative journalists 
TI-Moldova held the award ceremony of their contest for the best article on corruption and launched volume XI of the book "Journalists against corruption", which includes around 70 articles from 24 Moldovan investigative journalists. The event took place with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Chisinau. TI-Moldova plans to launch in February 2022 a scholarship program for investigative journalists and it also continues to support investigative journalists by providing them legal assistance. 

CYPLP awareness-raising programme in Nigeria 
Cybercrime is on the rise in Nigeria with both an increasing number of victims and perpetrators. To mark IACD 2021, Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP) organized an event for students in the hospitality and tourism industry to talk about cybercrime and Internet fraud, particularly as it relates to young people. CYLP will take the results of the event to the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism. Points were raised around Internet fraud, corruption in the hotel business, false data collection from customers and ways forward.  

United together against corruption in Kosovo
The think tank NGO Kosovo Law Institute organised the following activities for IACD2021: 

  • Publication of the Commentary on the Implementation of the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in public and private sector through a public conference with key stakeholders from the government, justice system, civil society and media (supported by UN Mission in Kosovo);
  • Publication of the “Amnesty of high-level corruption in Kosovo through statutory limitation” report through a public conference with key stakeholders of the justice system;
  • Hosted an investigative TV show “Vetting in Kosovo” at the KohaVision;
  • Awareness campaigns in Kosovo and participation in TV shows and events.  

For further information on activities and resources on IACD 2021, please refer to the official webpage and Trello