Multimedia and Resources

Here is a selection of resources with further information
on the UNODC's Opioid Strategy

Infographics about the UNODC Opioid Strategy:
- SDGs
- Pillars
- Fundraising
- Toolkit on synthetic drugs
- Latin American focus
- Donor and international collaborations

Infographics about synthetic opioids
- SDGs
- Pillars
- Identification
- List of synthetic opioids
- Donors and collaborators

The UN Toolkit on Synthetic Drugs is a one-stop shop of various resources and practical application tools to support the Member States in strengthening their response to the Opioid Crisis.


UNODC Integrated Strategy on the Global Opioid Crisis
(PDF; 944 KB) Flyer.

A brief information sheet describing the UNODC Opioid Strategy, its composite five pillars and areas of work within each pillar




UNODC Opioid Strategy Highlights
(PDF; 1 MB) Factsheet.

Highlights of implementation within first 6 months of the launch of the UNODC Opioid Strategy June-December 2018


Current NPS Threats - Volume I                                

Current NPS Threats - Volume 1
(PDF; 3 MB)

UNODC's Laboratory and Scientific Section presents an analysis of the most harmful NPS as informed by the UNODC LSS Early Warning Advisory Toxicology Portal.

The EWA Tox-Portal is an innovative tool to collect, analyse and share data on toxicology and harm related to the use of NPS at a global level.the Tox-Portal is designed to generate timely information on the harms and adverse health consequences associated with the use of NPS, based on case reports of intoxications, including fatalities.

UNODC World Drug Report 2018 Booklet
(PDF; 3 MB)
ANALYSIS OF DRUG MARKETS - Opiates, cocaine, cannabis, synthetic drugs