The UN Toolkit on Synthetic Drugs is a one-stop shop that brings together a wide range of guidance and resources from a variety of specialised agencies across the UN system on approaching challenges related to synthetic drugs, particularly opioids.​

The Toolkit is tailored to experts, practitioners, and policymakers in the fields of health, law enforcement, forensics and research and contains over 300 practical resources and tools. Its resources are being used in more than 92 countries.


The Toolkit modules cover topics such as

  • Building forensic capacity for drug testing and toxicology laboratories
  • Early warning systems to identify new substances and emerging trends
  • International drug control conventions and national legal approaches to synthetic drug control
  • Access to controlled medicines for clinical and scientific uses and preventing their diversion
  • Preventing the diversion of chemicals used in illicit drug production and monitoring legitimate trade
  • Detecting and investigating online trafficking in synthetic drugs
  • Security standards to preventing drug trafficking through the global postal supply chain
  • Standards for drug use disorder treatment programmes and management of opioid overdose
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the synthetic drug problem