UNODC and Egypt launch major anti-corruption drive on International Day


Cairo/Vienna. 9 December 2010 (UNODC) - Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) today met Egypt's Minister of State for Administrative Development and Chairman of the Transparency and Integrity Commission, Ahmed Darwish, to mark International Anti-Corruption Day.

The Office has an extensive portfolio of activities with Egypt, including a planned project starting early in 2011 to help establish effective measures to fight corruption and money-laundering in Egypt. Mr. Fedotov said he was looking forward to working closely with the Egyptian authorities on the three-year programme, which enjoys strong support from the European Commission.

The project will also support Egypt's efforts to implement the United Nations Convention against Corruption and build the capacity of law enforcement officials in fighting money-laundering.  A future national strategy will be put into motion, aiming at promoting the rule of law and good governance. The project will aim to empower the government authorities, such as the Ministries of Justice, Interior and Administrative Development with technical assistance and expertise from UNODC.

"I welcome the recent decision by Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif to establish the Anti-Corruption Coordination Committee, which marks an important step forward in tackling corruption at all levels, updating legislation and raising awareness of the problem".  Equally, I am impressed by the efforts of Ministry of State for Administrative Development to modernize the government administration, promote transparency and fight corruption, especially the e-government initiative and the creation of the Transparency and Integrity Commission."

Mr. Fedotov also thanked Mr. Darwish, for his close cooperation with UNODC and assured him of his determination to strengthen their "important partnership".

"Fighting corruption is a shared responsibility that requires strong leadership to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.  I commend Egypt for being one of the first States parties to   the UN Convention against Corruption.  As a country that is vitally important regionally, economically and culturally, your gesture sends out a strong message of determination to strengthen the rule of law".

Mr. Fedotov also met Assistant Foreign Minister Wafaa Basseem.  He praised Egypt's  keenness to contribute to anti-piracy activities off the coast of Somalia and together they will cooperate in the areas of prison and law reform; capacity building for prosecutors and judges; training for Coast Guards and in the rules of engagement. UNODC and Egypt are currently working to support the Somali authorities in building a strong criminal justice system in Somaliland and Puntland. "This is and excellent example of south-south cooperation," said the UNODC head.


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