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Monitoring and Evaluating

Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Programmes

This is a handbook for practitioners who want to improve the monitoring and evaluation of their programmes for the prevention of substance and drug abuse among youth. It was prepared on the basis of the available literature and of the experience of the members of the Global Youth Network, as well as the local partners of the Global Initiative on Primary Prevention of Substance Abuse. In the handbook, we discuss why it is a good idea to improve the monitoring and evaluation of your programme and how to go about it. The publication is presently available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish.

As the file of the English version was rather large, we have split the chapters to make the downloading easier.

Cover, Table of Contents, Introduction

Chapter 2. Why monitor and evaluate & Chapter 3. What are monitoring and evaluation

Chapter 4. What should be monitored and evaluated?

Chapter 5. Who should be involved in the monitoring and evaluation?

Chapter 6. A framework to plan monitoring and evaluation

Chapter 7. Collecting the information & Chapter 8. Analysing the data and using the information you have collected

Online Sources, Annex


Monitoring and evaluation of drug abuse prevention

A UNODC Global Youth Network Training Workshop

This workshop is designed for a limited number of participants, 20-24 maximum.  The workshop has been and can be facilitated by one person, particularly if he/she is supported in the logistics by somebody else.  However, two facilitators are definitely preferable. Available in English and Spanish.


Monitoring and evaluation of school programs - FRESH framework

Focusing Resources on Effective School Health (FRESH) is an intersectoral partnership, that UNODC has been a part of, that highlights the importance of school health for the achievement of the Millennium Development and Education for All goals and provides the context for developing effective school health programmes. FRESH recommends that four programme pillars be addressed in all schools: equitable school health policies, safe learning environment, skills-based education, and school-based health and nutrition services.

The FRESH Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) School Health Guidance comprices of Core Indicators, targeted for assessing national level progress in implementing school health programs, and of Thematic Indicators, aimed to facilitate assessing and monitoring school-level progress in implementing a school health program. Available in English and in Spanish (pilot version) via UNESCOs website.


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