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Results of the call for activities on Myth 1 - Cannabis is harmless


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Globally, myths on substances, drugs use and drug dependence are widely spread and shape the perception of youth on drugs. The aim of this campaign is to provide youth with evidence-based facts on six myths. Fact sheets give youth an overview on scientific information available and include links for them to explore the topics more. Each fact sheet is followed by a new activity, which asks for different, creative contributions to break the myths. As we would like to encourage youth to get the facts and break the myths globally, we welcome everyone being part of these exciting activities!


We are pround to announce below the results of the call for activities to break Myth 1: Cannabis is harmless. We received many valuable contributions and we would like to mention these in particular (in alphabethical order!).


Konstantin from Moldova

It should be stressed that using testimonials from ex-drug users has not been found effective in preventing drug use. However, Konstantin's video effectively highlights how using cannabis, and especially starting to use when young, is not harmless as it can have serious consequences on the development and mental health of children and youth.


 Marcelo from Peru

Marcelo found a very simple, but effective trick to make the fact sheet on cannabis available to an audience that might not have had access to it otherwise!

  Mito 1: La Marihuana no hace daño?


Safinaz from Egypt

Safinaz used her visual creativity to convey the message that cannabis is not a harmless substance.