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Results of the call for activities on Myth 3 - Everybody is using drugs


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Globally, myths on substances, drugs use and drug dependence are widely spread and shape the perception of youth on drugs. The aim of this campaign is to provide youth with evidence-based facts on six myths. Fact sheets give youth an overview on scientific information available and include links for them to explore the topics more. Each fact sheet is followed by a new activity, which asks for different, creative contributions to break the myths. As we would like to encourage youth to get the facts and break the myths globally, we welcome everyone being part of these exciting activities!


We are proud to announce the results of the call for activities to break Myth 3: everybody is using drugs. We received many valuable contributions and we would like to mention these in particular.


Radmila  (Doder, 19)  from Serbia

As you can see, Radmila's results show exactly what we were looking after - most of her peers estimated that 20-50% of their peers use drugs, where as according to her results only 7% of them do!

If you want to look at the more official data, for example ESPAD or the World Drug Report show us, that depending on the type of drug, the actual rates in Serbia range between 1.1-6.7% among the 15-16 year olds for ever lifetime drug use, and 2.6% report using drugs during the last month, so Radmila's figures do actually look quite representative of the situation in the whole country.




I did an anonymous research on more than 100 youth, mainly my peers. Here are the results of the survey:


*Most of them (35,7%) think there is 20-50% of their peers who use drugs.


*Approximately 77% believe that there is more peers who use drugs than society thinks.


*49% believe that using drugs is accepted as normal in their surrounding, among their peers.


*35% think that using drugs is something which is considered as desirable among their peers.


*70% youth said they have never experimented with drugs.


*7%  of youth said they experiment with drugs often.



We also got inputs from Afganistan, where around 20% of the surveyed youth had used harmful substances at least once, and from Abuja, Nigeria, where non of the surveyed 25 youth admitted experimenting with drugs.