Youth Initiative

Starting off on our journey of learning

We are slowly introducing youth to substance use prevention through light-weight reading materials, and they seem very interested already! Youths are asking questions, and commenting on new points they didn’t know before. Way to go team!

Flyer 1

Introduction of Substance Use Worldwide

Flyer 2

Epidemiology of Substance Use

Flyer 3

Vulnerability to Substance Use

Flyer 4

Environmental Influences

Flyer 5

Prevention Standards

Flyer 6

Evidence-based Prevention Strategies

Jasmine Hazel Mohd Nasir, Malaysia

"I believe there have been various preventative efforts to put a stop to drug use cases from increasing being executed throughout the years. Which got me to thinking that we should dissect the reason behind ineffective preventative measures over the years. How can we improve these measures? What can we do better?

I’m afraid for our generation and future generations. If we don’t take action now and employ better preventative measures, the generation may be at greater risk of destruction."

Chloe Bernard, Australia

"Something that really struck me while reading these resources was the focus on evidence-based practice! … it was really great to see a discussion about the "science of prevention" and how important it is to make decisions in a systematic, scientific way, rather than being guided by tradition or anecdotal evidence. "

Merve Aluclu, Turkey

"…it is good to see that UNODC is working through evidence-based practices because most of the folk can make comments about addiction without knowing the facts, but we as the young leaders are going to have the knowledge about drug-addicted people and how to prevent it better with the help of these practices so that we can inform more and more people in our teams and in our countries in general. I am looking forward to the forum! "

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