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November 19th 2021

"Talk honestly with your child about healthy choices and dangerous behaviours. Listen to what your child has to say. Let speaking and listening become a habit and routine in shaping the lives of our children," a statement made by Mr. Divaghar Voothayakumar from Malaysia, a participant of the UNODC Youth Forum 2020.

On 3 October 2021, Divaghar explained his perspectives on substance use prevention in an online webinar organised by the Malaysian Association of Drug Addiction Counsellors (MADAC). The webinar itself was attended by counsellors, school teachers, parents and students.

Divaghar used science-based materials to strengthen his statements, sourced from UNODC's Listen First materials. Affection, family activities and active listening are essential factors for children's well-being.

The environment of the children plays an important role in the prevention of substances and therefore, the aim was to emphasise that each person has a role to play in helping children grow up safely.

The purpose of the webinar was to raise awareness among parents, teachers and students on substance use and to create a comprehensive understanding of the role of parents and the application of evidence-based drug prevention strategies.  It is critical that young people hear a consistent message about substance use prevention from all the important people in their lives.

 Their webinar was quite actively organised and was further enhanced with virtual games and brainstorming sessions.

It is an honour to see Divaghar's continued commitment and involvement in the Youth Initiative and we look forward to seeing and sharing his future achievements.

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