Youth Action

UNODC Youth Initiative Magazine

October 21st 2021

The COVID -19 pandemic did not hold back the UNODC Youth Initiative.

In 2021, UNODC continued to pursue its main goal of bringing together young people from around the world to share ideas, visions, and different perspectives on better protecting their peers' health and well-being via a virtual Youth Forum.

Each year the youth involved with the UNODC Youth Forum are encouraged to “take up” and sustain activity at the global level and at the local level. In 2021 the youth participants committed to creating and publishing a digital magazine. 

This is the story of the first digital UNODC Youth Initiative magazine, "Butterfly Wings".

“One single butterfly wing is known to cause a storm”

Publishing a digital magazine takes a significant commitment of time and energy. Over three months, the young leaders worked together to share scientific knowledge and best practices on substance use prevention and health promotion and showcase them with the help of their diverse talents through scientific articles, personal experiences, poems, and videos. The youth themselves propose the content, research and write the articles, and create all the beautiful illustrations.

It is the first digital UNODC Youth Initiative magazine, available now, that features the voices of young leaders who want to bring about change. Taking the initiative to create this publication, they encourage youth around the world to take preventive action in the present to develop a better future.

Let the voices of young people also encourage you, and don't underestimate the impact and power of your own actions. After all, it is well known that a small butterfly wing can make a big difference.

In this sense: Let's build a better future together.

Stay tuned, as the second edition is already being worked on at this very moment!

Thanks to the generous support of the Russian Federation and the Sovereign Order of Malta