Youth Action

3rd issue of the Youth Magazine is out!

June 17th 2022

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? It refers to a situation where a small change renders a chain reaction that later causes a larger consequence. And as we proudly announce the publishment of the 3rd issue of the Youth Initiative magazine, we reflect back on the meaning of its title, ‘Butterfly Wings”. It was meant to be a creative outlet for the youth of the Youth Initiative network to reflect and share perspectives on drug use prevention, in the hopes that the voice and actions of the youth would ripple throughout their communities to mimic a butterfly effect.

Young people from all over the world have come together virtually for several months to actively work together on the third edition of the youth magazine. The aim is to communicate science-based prevention and health promotion in an effective, understandable and appealing way. The result of their joint effort showcases the diverse and creative talents of our young leaders through the articles, personal experiences, and poems. 

The youth creators come from North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia - a very geographically diverse group! We are also excited that the alumni of the last Youth Forum continue to advocate for drug prevention through this creative youth magazine process.

Read the brand-new issue of the Butterfly wings here.

Made possible with the support of the Russian Federation and the Sovereign Order of Malta