Amphetamines and Ecstasy: 2011 Global ATS Assessment


lllicit manufacture, trafficking and use of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) is one of the most significant drug problems worldwide. More than 65 countries have reported ATS-related clandestine manufacture since 1990. ATS and their precursors are trafficked worldwide, affecting all the regions. Global estimates of past year ATS users exceed those for heroin or cocaine.

The report provides an overview of the global manufacture, trade, and use of amphetamine-type stimulants and ecstasy, highlighting the nature of the ATS threat and the impact of ATS use on society. It shows regional trends for Asia, Oceania, the Near and Middle East/South-West Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and Central and South America and the Caribbean. Beyond this regional focus, the report highlights constraints of ATS-related data gathering, the central role of qualitative information and forensic data to understand the range of products available in illicit ATS markets and the starting materials actually used in their illicit manufacture.



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Publication date: September 2011
Number of pages: 124
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